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How Is Axios Tv legal?

Our service is completely legal. United States copyright laws apply to content that is recorded and stored for the purpose of rebroadcast. Our service streams the content from the cloud for the purpose of home entertainment only.

How are your devices legal?

Our devices comply with copyright laws because they do not store recorded content that can be rebroadcast. Instead they allow a user to access content stored on servers from all over the world for the purpose of streaming the content for personal enjoyment.

What countries does it work in?

It works worldwide and anywhere you have an internet connection. 

How many devices can the free trial be installed on?

The free trial can only be used on only one compatible device at any time.

How do I install Axios Tv on my device?

For your android phone, tablet, PC or MAC simply visit the downloads page of this website.

For your Amazon Fire TV stick, Fire TV box or Android streaming device follow these Instructions online at: http://www.aftvnews.com/sideload/ 

Does it work on my iPhone or iPad?

Currently we support the IOS operating system via our m3u playlist service. However, an IOS app for our setplex platform is currently in development. Please register your email from our home page and we'll let you know when it's available.

Can Axios Tv be downloaded on a Smart Tv?

Yes, but only if  your Smart Tv is capable of directly downloading android APK files. If your preferred application supports a m3u playlst link, then we recommend ordering our m3u playlist service.

How many devices can I watch Axios Tv on?

One Axios Tv account is good for up to 3 devices. Either 3 android devices or 1 PC or Mac plus 2 android devices at any one time. Each device can run Axios Tv independently from the other. 

Currently only amazon devices are restricted to a single ip. All other devices can be used on up to three different IP addresses.

My 3 day trial ended, can I get another one?

Unfortunately, only one trial is available per household. 

I am trying to launch apps on my device but nothing happens, what do I do?

Try unplugging your device for a few minutes and plug it back in. If all else fails contact our support team by email to schedule a remote session for your device via the Team viewer or QS app on your device if you purchased the device form us.

How do I cancel your service?

First off , we'll be sad to see you go. If there is anything we can do to better serve your needs please let us know, we'll gflady make it right.

If you must cancel, you can do so by simply sending us an email or logging into your PayPal address and cancelling your subscription.

Why can't I get a refund?

Our cancellation policy states that we do not offer refunds for any paid service. If a customer wishes to discontinue service they should just request to cancel their account via email and they'll receive the remainder of their paid month with no further obligation. We do hope you'll allow us to address any concern you have before resorting to cancellation. If you must cancel however, we sure hope to have you back again in the near future.

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