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Use of Axios Tv

The use of Axios Tv is allowed only to paid subscribers and those issued temporary trial codes. Their are no refunds of subscription payments. If a customer requests cancellation of their service they will simply receive the remainder of their paid month without further obligation. 

Auto Pay Subscription

The auto pay subscription feature allows the subscriber to have their monthly subscription fee automatically deducted from their choice of payment method. Although, there are no commitments to keep the service and you can cancel anytime, there is one stipulation regarding the use of the auto pay feature.

If a subscriber signs up for a subscription using the auto pay feature at the special low price and requests cancellation, that subscriber will not be eligible to subscribe again for 3 months using the auto pay feature. If the subscriber wishes to subscribe again he or she will have to do so on the current month to month rate. This policy is in effect to be fair to all current auto pay subscribers and to discourage those that want to abuse the special auto pay rate with the intentions of only using the service for a particular event.

Refund Policy

It is the policy here at Axios Tv that we do not issue refunds for any reason. Although we have a 99% uptime, we are not responsible for outages caused by satellite disruptions, atmospheric interference and Acts of God. We like to keep it simple. If you play fair, we'll keep our prices low. 

However, if a customer wishes to discontinue service simply send us an email with your request and you will continue to receive service for the remainder of your paid month with no further obligation. 

* If you have reason to cancel your service for any reason other than personal, please allow us to address your concern in hopes of retaining you as our valued Axios Tv customer.

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